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Fah started as a Production Co-ordinator in 1991 at Le'eon Films after majoring in Filming & Broadcasting at the National University of Malaysia.

Then he spent a year in advertising, which he left behind with much of his sanity intact. He joined T.H films as a producer next, and then moved to PRS as an in-house producer in September 1994.

Because he refused to go home and dedicated his life to production, he was promoted to Executive Producer in 2001.

Many have tried prying Fah away from the PRS family, but his heart remained true to the place. As such, he was made Chief Operating Officer in 2010, which put him in charge or productions in markets the world over. He man-aged to find time to get hitched in the midst of it all, but everyone here knows who he's really married to.

On rare occasions, his wife manages to guilt-trip him into taking her and his kids travelling. After paying for much of their shopping, he uses all he left for street food, which he can never say no to. Fah had a pretty skimpy collection of swimming trunks, which he claims is due to his occasional yearning for laps in a pool. Thankfully, he doesn't wear his trunks when playing badminton - the other sport he indulges in.