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Fadzly Tajuddin - passionate storyteller and fast learner who began his career in film back in 2003. As a director, he is one of the new blood in the industry. He enjoys dissecting scripts and turning them into beautiful visual opus. Give him a good script and he will work his a** off perfecting every nook and cranny. Passionate and versatile, he has a natural flair for storytelling driven spots, humorous ones in particular. Talent direction is his forte. Ask any talents that has worked with him and they will surely praise him for his work. Detail oriented and bursting with creative ideas, Fadzly not only brings his energy on set but also all of his enthusiasm and passion are channeled through the lens – making him one of the forerunners within the new batch of directing talents in Malaysia. 

“I like to get my hands dirty — poking my nose in the art department, running around the set when I should be behind the monitor. Why? Some say it’s the caffeine, the sugar — dedication even; but the real reason: simple and pure passion. I live for the process, the details, the visuals. To me, if you have such energy why waste it? I love to share my enthusiasm with everyone on set – letting it flow and rub off onto all. 

This is more than just a job. It’s an obsession.”