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Film Director 

Brandon is an exceptional young filmmaker driven by the ambition to make great films. With that motivation he approaches his work with enthusiasm, dedication and a deft creative touch that brings a visual strength and uniqueness to his films. 

His desire to succeed has made him a director to watch as an upcoming new talent in the film industry, and as his repertoire grows his distinctive visual approach is making him sought after by a diverse range of clients. 

Brandon catapulted himself into the spotlight in 2009 when he won the BMW Short Film competition for his insightful, one-shot take about al long conversation with an insane man. The success of his short film led him to be selected as one of the exclusive filmmakers invited to 

The Asian Film Academy (PUSAN Film Festival, Korea) and Golden Horse Academy (Golden Horse Film Festival, Taiwan) where he was mentored by film masters such as Ang Lee, Hou Hsiao-Hsien, John Woo, Tsai Ming-Liang, Mark Lee and Kurosawa Kiyoshi. 

Since then he’s capitalised on these insights and a decade of experience in the film industry to seize every opportunity that’s been offered him and built an impressive portfolio of work for some of the most demanding brands and agency’s in the region.