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A Film Director, specializing in food commercials, Kingvoon currently resides & is based in Kuala Lumpur. Having made his career transition in 2000 from the food industry as a chef for 9 years, he thus brought along his vast knowledge & experience in culinary arts into the film & commercial industry, starting initially as a food stylist & 1st Assistant Director. 

Garnering knowledge from the experience in film production, plus the influence & passion for culinary arts, he thus followed thru to become a commercial/film maker, producing food commercials that were high in standards & visually engaging. Apart from this forte, he also indulges in other genres of the trade. 

With his passion & interest encompassed within his works, Kingvoon has thus been involved with productions spanning across Asia, pre-dominantly in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, etc. 

A Culinary Arts Major, he first started his career as a line chef at the Playboy Mansion West, Bel Air, for a term of 3 & half years, before returning back home. He has thus worked in kitchens & restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, Yokohama, Singapore, Laos & New York.