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Simont' is a consummate film director. With a background as a production designer he brings an expert eye to the set which ensures maximum filmic value for all his projects. 

His wit and his vision translates brilliantly into film and is capable of taking scripts to the next level; whether it’s a spinning a tale of action and adventure or delivering internationally acclaimed humour. Much in demand in throughout Asia for his directorial talent, attention to detail and execution, Simont enjoys embracing a diversity of scripts that allow him to showcase his varied talents as a film director. 

His experience as a director allows him to easily navigate through preproduction with the most demanding of clients while continually collaborating to make sure the creative vision is achieved. 

Simont has received multiple advertising awards for his work, including best directing awards for Olympus “Detective” Kopi Kapal Api “Fight”, the latter of which was also a cannes finalist. Simont’s genre of work skews towards humour and performance in product categories as diverse as cars to kids to drinks, ensuring his continued popularity as a director.