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FELICIA YONG EMUANG A LITTLE BIT OF HISTORY Starting out in 1998 as a Junior Offline Editor at Razor Edge, a boutique offline house, under the top offline editors at that time, Felicia moved on to VHQ Post (M) in 1999 and spent the next 10 years there moving up the ranks to the dual role of Regional Creative Director for Animation and Design, and as Head of Post Production looking after operations for the KL office. 

2009, after leaving VHQ, Felicia worked as a Film Director for the first time on Rosken Dry Skin Cream where she also played the role of conceptualiser and scriptwriter for the spot. 

Since then, she has gone on to solidify her reputation as a Film Director that specialises in post-heavy visuals that involves, visual effects be it in treating live action visuals, to imaginative production sets, to 2D and 3D animation and motion graphics. 

TALENT DIRECTION - Felicia’s easy-going and friendly persona enables her to bring the best performance out her talents. Always ensuring that her talents feel comfortable on set, Felicia’s aim is to deliver more natural and believable acting. 

A LOVE FOR CARS - As one of the few female Film Directors in town, she is the only one that specialises in shooting cars. 

HIGHLY ANIMATED - Drawing from her experience as a Creative Director for a post house, Felicia still directs for full and partial animation spots. Currently, she injects her experience from live action directing into her animated spots giving a very unique perspective. 

With boxing and Muay Thai as a personal past time, Felicia enjoys shooting the sport. A favourite camera to use, Felicia has shot on the Phantom numerous times going from 500 fps to 7000 fps. Felicia also has a preference for anything liquid, live action or animation. Motion Graphics is also an area where Felicia excels in.