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Stephen Tan started his career as a Graphic Designer in Visual Merchandising in Departmental Store, designing seasonal in-store POS material and dressing the occasional store window. 

Next stop, several Advertising Agencies where he worked on quite a few blue-chip accounts as Art Director, picking up awards along the way. 

It was while working on a repromatic for a pitch for a job that the directing bug bit. Some irrational decisions followed; he quit his job, turned down a promotion and took a second mortgage. And turned to film directing. 

Stephen is a versatile Director who is equally adept shooting a humour spot or a storytelling spot or a CG-led spot or a mobile content spot. Fresh from scripting and directing his short film “JOYCE” a festive spot with an unexpected twist, Stephen is always up to the next challenge. 

His previous life in Visual Merchandising and Advertising informs his work, creating focused and hard-working commercials that do not compromise on aesthetics and charm. 

And all-around nice guy with a “Can Do” spirit, Stephen is well-liked by all, from the Client to the Agency to the Crew and quite regularly by the make up guy.