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Fabulously known as jihia. Why? Ask him the next time you meet him. 

Chek started his film career at PRS Productions as a camera assistant back in 2011. Thinking that life needed more challenge, chek a.k.a jihia took a sabbatical and travelled the world. From Alpine to desert, modern to historical. Along the way, Chek have documented many unseen memories, only close to his heart. 

From camera assistant to hobo world traveler. 

Finally coming to his senses, Chek decided it was time to settle down and kick start his film career once again during 2014. This time as a freelance assistant director. Working with many local / world best-in-class director. 

Something kept pulling chek back to where his passion is, film making. It was as though Chek had no fear, or maybe his love for crafting and telling stories he gathered from far-far away land, all the hidden stories of culture & people. 

Taking all that he learnt from globe-trotting to working with the best people in the industry. Chek is able to inject a fresh take of perspective all over his work as film director. 

p.s chek also is a fine arts master. Ask him to paint you like a French girl one day.