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After starting off his career as a production assistant for several local movies, Tan Ce Ding took on the role of Assistant Director in the advertising film making industry. Under the tutelage of top local directors, he has refined and expanded his repertoire of filmmaking techniques. With his newfound expertise, Ce Ding went beyond the local scene by collaborating with a wide spectrum of international directors from Australia, England, Korea, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia. Since then, he has more than 200 TVC assistant director credits under his belt.

2 years later, he made his TVC directorial debut at the ripe age of 23. His directing talent made him incredibly sought after by iconic brands such as Samsung, Digi, Volkswagen, KFC, Pringles, Courts Mammoth and Nivea.

Ce Ding’s short film ‘Hawa’ won the Best Film, Best Director and Best Screenplay Award in the BMW Shorties 2016, the most prestigious and longest running short film festival in Malaysia.

His peerless achievements led him to the role of Film Director in Naga DDB Tribal, one of the giants of Malaysia’s advertising industry. From production house to advertising agency, Ce Ding’s phenomenal expertise as a director coupled with his tremendous wealth of experience in the advertising filmmaking industry grants him fresh, encompassing and distinctive perspectives on the entire production process.

Armed with exceptional artistic vision, creative skills and an ever-expanding repository of technical knowledge, Ce Ding is always hungry for innovative and original ways to create an engaging film.