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Justin has been in the commercial film making business for a little over 31 years. He started his career at Peter Robinson Studios at the grass roots level of production as a grip. He worked his way up through the ranks to eventually become Malaysia’s youngest DOP/Cameraman at the age of 21. His profile of work at that age ranged from beauty commercials like Neutrogena to youth and fashion brands like Levi’s jeans. 

He then took it upon himself to push himself further by venturing out into the open market to freelance as a DOP. The portfolio of directors he has worked with includes prominent names like Joe Hasham, Farouk Al Joffery and Paul Loosely. 

In 1995, at the age of 23 he took the bold step into the world of film directing by offering one of the biggest multi national company in the world an offer they could not refuse. He took it upon himself to shoot a commercial for Max Factor totally at his own expense to prove to everyone that he could do it. The company approved and bought the finished product, compensating him back for costs incurred. The company was Proctor & Gamble. From thereon after there was no turning back. 

He soon took his first accolade, collecting a bronze at the MVA’s for the first music video he has ever shot. The song was Ratu and the artiste was Sheila Majid. A year later he teamed up with the most emerging creative force in town, Planet Films and won his first gold at the VideoM awards ceremony for most innovative music video. The song was Belian Jiwa and the artiste Innuendo. They were Malaysia’s first true R&B group. He has then gone on to direct many more high profile commercials for brands like Levi’s, Pantene, Sunsilk, Coca-Cola, Maxis, Shell and TMTOUCH. 

Through his tenure at Planet Films, he had also ventured into 3D animation becoming the first director to direct AND create 3D animation for a major brand under Unilever. His experience in post production has grown from strength to strength as many of the commercials he shoots are effects intensive and require a broad and in-depth knowledge in the field of post production. 

Although still young, Justin’s ambitious nature and quick mind has made him achieve much through the years. With a never say die and nothing is impossible attitude, Justin continues to blaze new paths into the world of film making. His recent return to the PRS fold has been timely, injecting a youthful exuberance into an established, well oiled machinery. His innovative influence rubbing off on all involved, his drive and determination pushing the company to new and different heights. 

Justin has since gone out on his own, founding post production outfit; Twisted Media in 2004. Using Twisted as a platform to step into previously untried (by him) markets like Indonesia, Vietnam and China, Justin has proven himself to be extremely successful, swiss replica rolex watches versatile and efficient in handling the new clients from these varied markets. In 2005 Justin undertook two young directors under his wing, putting them through the same paces he has gone through. This endeavor is to give some fresh blood the needed kick start they need to follow Justin down the same, successful path. They are now very successful directors in Malaysia. 

In 2014, Justin decided to move to Jakarta, Indonesia to concentrate on the local market there. He successfully created TV commercials for clients such as Djarum 76, LA Lights, Redbull (Kratingdaeng), YouC1000, XL Prioritas, Clavo, Oppo and many others. Recently Justin has begun venturing into the regional market again, completing jobs for YoMost (Vietnam), SRG Cosmetics (Malaysia), BoostStrong (Thailand) and most recently for Shell (China)