Brian Christie

At the age of 17, Brian Christie entered the film industry (and never checked out). He worked his way up the ladder from a production assistant to a line producer, producer, to a 1st AD and finally to directing.

A Film Director with a production background who has worked with countless production houses, agencies and clients shooting everything from sanitary napkin commercials to 5 star hotels. The film director in him creates whilst his production persona gets the job done!

Building relationships and managing workflows to ensure deliverables are completed on time and on strategy.
Brian has an eye for capturing “real moments” and also staging scenes that captivates viewers. He has a particular knack for extracting great performances from talents thus creating some brilliant drama and humorous spots. He is passionate about bringing ideas to life, executing them beautifully so that it engages audiences irrespective of platform, device or venue. This manic, motivated director can laugh at life and find solace in his 30 seconds of self-expression.